My challenge to you:
Everyday I will post a new word for you my devout bloggers, play with it, break the rules and recreate the meaning or use the traditional definition, whatever titillates the creative mojos lurking inside your talented minds.
Everyone is welcome to play along, just link them back to the Word Play For Today category or cookie5683!  Share your love for WORDS; write on your blog with the Word Play For Today and just reply below with as much as a sentience or breathe life into an excerpt of what could be the greatest work of your life.
I’m looking forward to tasting your imagination….. And enjoying an empurpling read….
I was inspired by my friend Tea with a Pirate to see if I could pull off a Haiku in his honor. He gives me a daily mental workout and for this I’m grateful. Check out his musings at
Man Empurpled
Hand holds tower erect
Empurple throbs winters peak
Exhale smooth pleasure
Hope I pulled it off Pirate… hehehe