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Everyday I will post a new word for you my devout bloggers

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play with it, break the rules and recreate the meaning or use the traditional definition. (Look below.. you’ll find it.) Whatever titillates the creative mojos lurking inside your talented minds.


[boi-ster-uh s, -struh s] – adjective

1. rough and noisy; noisily jolly or rowdy; clamorous;unrestrained: the sound of boisterous laughter.
2. (of waves, weather, wind, etc.) rough and stormy.
3. Obsolete . rough and massive.

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Once A Stranger

Henry Cassius Dempsey IV, his name was born of old money and although no one called him by his full name, you could feel the reverence in their voices even in its abbreviated form. He enjoyed all that his birthright afforded him. Never knowing the need to struggle in order to make ends meet or feeling a desire to burn unsatisfied, Izzy would often hear him say “I win.” but mind you, it was not a boast nor from gayety did those words spring as if a game had been just played but, from a knowingness, deeply rooted where no wind could unearth this oak of truth.
He sat at his desk, reflecting on the faded broken flower that once was his wife. His frustration and anger as he stood by watching her wallow in self-pity, day after day.
“Damn it! What is wrong with her?
Why doesn’t she just get her ass out of bed, out of that house?
She just needs to stand up and dust her knees off.
She’s always done that before. Never let anything get her down.”
For a moment guilt slithers out from the corner of his mind attempting to make him question his motives… his choices as of late. Quickly he pushes away the serpent, justifying his night in the hotel as a fluke that would never of occurred if Izzy was not so selfish. It was a business trip and when his partners backed out last-minute due to family issues he had no choice but to go and represent the firm, it was his name on the wall after all. Besides, it only made sense that Cheri would still go, being that she was the assistant. What didn’t occur to him was how lonely he had felt over the last few months. Izzy always took care of everything and then all of a sudden she stopped. Wouldn’t pack the kids lunches, wouldn’t change her clothes even. He not only felt lonely but he resented her weakness. Cheri reminded him of Izzy sometimes, when they were younger and had no children that took her attention away from him. The way he would hear her laugh across the hall, a loud, boisterous, full-out laugh, not caring if the other assistances scorned her with their bitter gaze. She was young and beautiful and she knew it.
It was not his fault, a bad situation with too much to drink piled on top that would not happen again. A complete fluke that no one would blame him for and no one had to know about.