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noun, verb, pronoun…etc

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Listen & Write – One – Apocalyptica

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I found inspiration for todays word in two ways

1. The listen and write prompt I’ve just stumbled across

2. the powers of my imagination

When I was a kid I heard this song and loved the rhythm. As a young adult I read the words, shocker I realize, but I have a thing for knowing the meaning of things. Now that I’m grown, I find words have a meaning that create through my life experiences and dreams.


Distant Lover,
Oh how your words do inspire, as wind sweeps the sands of caution away, You fall towards my embrace. This dance does lift my spirit but not into the loftiness of the pretty blue skies where birds soar but far beyond. Its reach evades the chaos of space where stars are not a twinkle in my eye but blazon orbs in hues of red and yellow.

My reach halts only for time, it is our barrier




Distant Lover…
It is your words that caress my soul in rapture as day will turn to your night, the beginning as it comes to an end and so do the delicate pages stop from turning.

Dreams written….
pictures taken….
giving lifetimes within your wake, all speaking soft whispers of passions and pleasures, that I do devour vigorously upon each serving.

It is a rhapsody of imagination is it not?

Distant Lover,

What would I give to feel the touch from the tender hand of inspiration as it flows always and forever toward my heart, gliding over the letters that set sail across oceans baring tingling wanton thoughts, the rise and fall of each finger stroking the spine sends me to a world I want as my own. The music that flows bringing notes along the rigid scale, carries my fantasies toward a richness that causes my greed to overcome my nature.

Ah, but to taste the tea from lips in which are stained, to quench the thirst from my cupped hands, that is built over hours of unbridged devotion you have bestowed effortlessly, is my only desire. The essence of you, as it mixes with my own, builds erotic pleasures burning into depths the wisest man would never tread. As lovers we rage against the confinements holding us apart yet, in this distance… our lust affair blooms.

To all Distant Lovers,
I summon you to my chambers, do not think this a plea. My appetite, never sated, is your divine damnation, to know the emotions that wash over your face when I overpower your senses in the giving as I have received, I obliquity follow you in your hell.

We are truly one