My Challenge:

Everyday I will post a new word for you my devout bloggers

Your Challenge:

play with it, break the rules and recreate the meaning or use the traditional definition. (Look below.. you’ll find it.) Whatever titillates the creative mojos lurking inside your talented minds.


[kiz-mit, -met, kis-]-noun

fate; destiny.

Everyone is welcome to play along,

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ardency, cherishing, delight, devotion,
infatuation, mad for, partiality, passion, relish, zeal)
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Write on your blog with the Daily Word Play and reply below with as much as a sentience or breathe life into an excerpt of what could be the greatest work of your life.
I’m looking forward to tasting your imagination…..

The Kiss

Her lips ripe and swollen as they brushed against his.
This stranger from a far way land, entranced with the beauty that lies beneath, whispering confections between each tender embrace.
Her body yearns for more though she holds her delicate southern grace.
She believes it is in the wanting that captures his attention but does not keep wary.
Further and further her intentions focus on the man that is him.
His subtle change goes not unnoticed as his hand, delicately caressing her face, recedes. her neck feels the lingering touch,warming her skin as it passes.
She exhales as though she had held the breath of lifetimes.
This is kismet.