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 (of an object, substance, or resource Of great value; not to be wasted or treated carelessly.


Used as a term of address to a beloved person

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ardency, cherishing, delight, devotion,
infatuation, mad for, partiality, passion, relish, zeal)
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Birthday Wish

Sally Jane did not want a dog, She wanted a kitten but that is not what showed up at her door. It was her birthday today and she had told everyone who would listen, within ear shot of her parents, that she wanted a big fat orange tabby like the one she saw at the pet store. Her parents told her that a cat was out of the question because her smelly younger brother was al-lear-ject to cats. They just didn’t understand. She wanted a friend who she could cuddle and play games with but, when she began to tell them that she didn’t want a cat just a kitten, they would smile and say ” I know you do dear” as they patted her on the head dismissively.

Thud Thud Thud!

She rushed to open the door, thinking the sound that she heard was one of her classmates but instead of finding John, Michael or Katherin, this scrawny black dog looking up at her, he must have been scratching his ear or something and missed hitting the door to make such a racket. She looked down at him with a twisted face but before she could holler for him to go away, he dashed into the house dirt and all. “Catch that dog!” she screamed in the loudest voice she could muster. ” He’s going to mess up my party!”

She ran into the kitchen following that black mangy dog only to find her brother, The King of Smell, all covered in HER cake, sitting on the floor with that yucky dog licking HER frosting off his cheek! ” Grossssss.. Don’t let him do THAT! You don’t know where his mouth has been.” Noah had no intention of stopping, in fact he dipped his finger into the toppled cake lifting one of the beautiful butter cream roses she had picked out at the bakery and actually fed it to that dog, sneering at her all the while through his half snort have giggle. She did not scream but shrieked “MMMMOOOOOMMMMM!!!!!”

Her parents came running into the room, out of breath and flustered with eyes wide in expectation of WWIII, to find Sally Jane towering over Noah who was sprawled out on the floor in a fit of laughter. Just that moment, the dog stopped licking at the sweet creamy icing and as if he was Mr. Manors himself.

“OH Noooo!” Sally Jane began, “There is no way we are keeping that thing!”

She had seen that look before plastered across her parents face, it was that sappy look they would give when Noah, aka MR. Smell-A-Lot, would fall asleep after they brought him home form the hospital.


He was not a dog, he was a monster!

He would roll around on her bed messing it all up after she had made it in the mornings. She would come home from school and find Goofy wagging his tail and offering up one of her shoes or precious stuffed animals with drool dripping off of it as if he’d wrangled up a bobcat for an afternoon snack and saved it just for her. Night time was the worst time of all.  When Sally Jane slept Goofy would sneak out of Noah’s room and lay at the foot of her bed. She would wake up when her feet would get hot and push him off but he would not leave the room, only find the freshly pressed school uniform neatly folded on her puffy reading chair and mistake them for covers.


Sally Jane got off the bus in the most sour of moods today. Her feet stomped and scooted the leaves up the driveway thinking of all the homework she would have to do that night. As she reached the door her the strap on her backpack broke spilling out her books and papers. The wind must of thought a good game of chase would be fun for it whipped a few sheets up into the air before she could catch them. HEr hand twisted the handle at the door opening it slightly, to call for her mothers help before leaping from the steps grabbing at wandering pages.

As she gathered them up her sour mood drifted, “Where is Bruce?” she thought in a whisper to herself. It was unlike him to not take advantage of her situation and slobber on her unsupervised homework waiting by the door.

The yard got quiet. She could not hear the birds singing in the trees or the cars roaring past, only the thunderous beating of her heart.

“Where is Bruce?”