My Challenge:

Once a week I will post a new word for you my devout bloggers.

Your Challenge:

Play with it, break the rules and recreate the meaning or use the traditional definition. (Look below.. you’ll find it.) Whatever titillates the creative mojos lurking inside your talented minds.


[svelt, sfelt] – adjective, svelt·er, svelt·est.

1. slender, especially gracefully slender in figure; lithe.
2. suave; blandly urbane.

Everyone is welcome to play along,

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ardency, cherishing, delight, devotion,
infatuation, mad for, partiality, passion, relish, zeal)
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Write on your blog with the Daily Word Play and reply below with as much as a sentience or breathe life into an excerpt of what could be the greatest work of your life.
I’m looking forward to tasting your imagination…..

What if?
The trickling water from the low flow shower head felt warm against her skin. It was the last few days of winter and the cold moist air cut into her soft succulent nature as if a knife were pressed against her throat stinging as it sliced a thin but, deeply felt line. 
“I am not made for this bitter cold” She thought. 
Lathering up the poriferous sea sponge with the coveted aromatic soap she had purchased in her travels years ago. The spicy scent of cinnamon and cloves with the slightest hint of saffron filled the small space. Her mind drifted to a country she long since explored. 
“Book the flight!” she frustratedly lectured herself as the soft rain of droplets dampened her voice into a longing whisper. 
The auburn locks weighted around her shoulders were brushed aside as the creamy suds covered the tender flesh only to be whisk away by the luxurious streams of heated rain. 
There was a man, as one might suspect, that had opened his eyes and glimpsed her soul without turning away. The compassion and understanding he freely gave, yet never his heart, left her wanton but hopeful. His life, she refused to disrupt, called to her in these cold winter nights but he had earned her respect and for that she remained loyal to unspoken vows of distant secrecy. Bending at the waist to marinate her calves in the exotic accumulation of memory and sent, she wondered in a hushed voice, as if her ears were forbidden to hear the truth of her desires, 
“What if…?”  her voice trailing off into the thought.
Water turning cold, her susurrations were disturbed by an abrupt shock of icy chilled water and an unexpected gayety. The epiphany overwhelmed her senses, sobering her mind passed emotions. 
With a new-found clarity that was once hidden within her truth she declared, 
“What if?”