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[kuhm-fert] – verb

Comfort (or comfortability, or being comfortable) is a sense of physical or psychological ease, often characterized as a lack of hardship. Persons who are lacking in comfort are uncomfortable, or experiencing discomfort. A degree of psychological comfort can be achieved by recreating experiences that are associated with pleasant memories, such as engaging in familiar activities,[1]maintaining the presence of familiar objects,[1] and consumption of comfort foods. Comfort is a particular concern in health care, as providing comfort to the sick and injured is one goal of healthcare, and can facilitate recovery.[2] Persons who are surrounded with things that provide psychological comfort may be described as being within their comfort zone.

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Once A Stranger

There are times that when ppl win and life opens the door to a secret room where only the elite among us mingle.

Izzy thought this mystical realm would envelope her within its warm embrace; comfort her from all who could damage the intricate facade of confidence she had built up over the last few weeks.

The award was only a small modest plaque, wood warn smooth around the edges from years of gratitude, that the neighborhood had passed from one homeowner to another for various good deeds, noticed by the well doers who lived near by. It was to be handed to her in front of the horde of onlookers who’s smiles attempted to hide the jealously that twisted their faces into grotesque demonic souls, ever searching for the next feast on which their minds will roast, allowing the billowing smoke to pass from one ear to another. Izzy knew she was a source of gossip from the first day she arrived at her new home but she was a different woman then, strong, confident, some would say even brazen.

Her mind drifted, as it so often did lately, thinking back to the day she turned the corroded copper handles on the massive double doors. The air was stale with neglect as the remains of a once lovely woman stood before her. The owners lips that had been stained with roses hue now saturated with a jaundice only achieved by years of nicotine that seeped through the paper of her non filtered cigarettes. The deep furrows around her mouth hinting of a life once full of laughter now seemed to amplify the smell of whiskey as she exhaled her anxious welcome. Izzy had looked at this house many times over the past three years but she did not feel right about it and refused to go inside until today. Cash had reassured her she would love it and begged her to just go in one time only and the issue would be dropped, as her waning constitution faded, she agreed. Their hunt had lasted so long and she wanted to settle, if only for a little while, in a house she could call her home. The arid bones of the ancient woman barely holding her frame carried her down the hall leaving Izzy and Cash to stand bewildered in her abrupt exit. It was up to them to create a self tour and with eagerness bubbling forth Cash leaped at the opportunity, wandering from one space to the next. Maybe that was it, the space felt so empty. There were no holes in the walls where pictures or painting might have hung. The sparse furniture randomly placed in awkward positions as if the elderly woman only pretended to live there. These Ideas crossed her mind until she came across the fully loaded bar that had a familiar ring of sweat from recently filled iced glass on the counter beside droplets of a freshly pour whisky… on the rocks… no water. The windows once uncovered from the heavy laden dusty fabric gave birth to an ocean of greenie-blue that saturated Izzy’s eyes deeper than the color they themselves held and she surrendered. It was not the house that stole her heart but it was the provocative green flooding through that roused the sprit with in her. People can enjoy a color, but to know when a color has become one with the soul….. it is a profound epiphany, never lost on the awakened.

All these thoughts swam in the murky waters of Izzy’s mind. To speak unto the multitudes was not a foreign land to her, she quite enjoyed capturing the attention of others and allowing her words to flow, never to be forgotten. She was know well for her speaking capacity regardless of the fact that it was only a veil that shielded her from a closer, more intimate contact with others. For that is what they were to her…. others. If they only truly knew the woman that would stand before them today, the fires would burn a crimson red as her lost soul would ceremoniously be splayed open and crucified before them. The stench of sulfur burrowing deep in to the brew of gossip waiting to be spewed forth.

Who was she? Her purpose, given away willingly for she knew of no other choice yet the sacrifice would tighten around her neck like the diamond choker she now wore as she lay naked upon the pillows so neatly placed beside the bed….. weeping for the unknown devastation yet to come….. praying for the downfall that would set her free from the secret room among the elite.